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Try to Relax

It can be frustrating and irritating among other things when upon hearing that you have trouble with sleepless nights, somebody airily tells you to just relax. This can be harder to do than it sounds obviously, but even if you can’t sleep, it is good to try and relax your body and mind as much as possible. Here are 3 tips to give you something to try.

1.Read a book
Read a book. If you’re afraid of lying awake at night, why not try reading a book to help you drop off. Reading is far more relaxing than watching television, which can interrupt your sleeping patterns more easily, and on the plus side, if you are not feeling sleepy, and then at least you have gotten to enjoy a good read!

2.Take a holiday
Take a holiday. Ok depending on your finances and time off, this may not be feasible but taking a holiday does not necessarily mean going away. It could mean simply making sure that you are not constantly checking your phone when you’re taking a break – it can wait until you are back at work. Or why not take a day for yourself and get yourself into nature again with a nice hike and lots of fresh air. And if nature and the great outdoors aren’t you thing, then what about a spa day to truly help you wind down? And if you’re lucky enough to be planning a holiday getaway, then some sun, sea and sand could be the perfect tonic to reset your Circadian Rhythm. Following a relaxing beach holiday to Rhodesthis year, one of our team feels likes new. Don’t underestimate how important a change of scene can be.

3.Take a holiday
Take a bath. Up there with reading a book as the ultimate way to relax in an evening, why not take a nice relaxing bath. Not only will it let you wind down and forget the stresses of the day, but by using aromatherapy oils such as lavender, you can help to induce sleep naturally.  

There are just three more tips that we hope at Sleep Advisor can help you relax and get a good night's sleep!

Sleeping Tips

One of the biggest enquiries we have from customers is always ‘how do I get to sleep easier?’. It’s an easy thing to change when you can hone in on what the problem is. Here is a little checklist of what your problem might be and how to alleviate it.

1.Bed isn’t comfortable
There are two ways to solve this problem if your mattress is giving you trouble. The first one is something your parents and grandparents would’ve done regularly. Just flip the mattress. Springs on a mattress can become less tense over time. If you flip that mattress over, the springs can readjust and you’ll find yourself with more room to get comfortable all of a sudden. The second method is even easier, but costs a bit more. Just buy a new mattress.

2.I feel cold every night
If you toss and turn and shuffle about I bed because you’re warm, there is one area (or rather four) that you can change to see improvements. Your hands and feet give off the majority of heat while you sleep. If they’re cold, the body sometimes can’t feel settled. So if you feel like this is happening to you, pop on some socks and gloves. The warmth will better improve circulation while you’re idle and hopefully get you to sleep.

3. I feel restless when in bed
It can be hard to force your body in to what is essentially shut down for a few hours. If you often get the feeling that the muscles in your arms or legs are becoming tense to the point that your limb just has to move quickly, it means your body is having trouble feeling relaxed. Instead of lying there shuffling, the best thing you can do is get up, walk about the house for a minute or two and do some slow stretches. With the blood pumping, your muscles should begin to relax again when you lie down.

There are just three tips, but here at the Sleep Advisor we’ll be able to help out any customer problems when you need by simply getting in touch.


Check Your Mattress

There is often one simple thing that gets in the way of a good night's sleep: your mattress. We wondered why and then realised something.

It's often the case in this day and age that many people move home and don't actually buy new mattresses. It’s often overlooked and something that shouldn't be. If you're not getting a good night sleep and think it's because of your mattress, find out if you can change it by asking your landlord or agent. We phoned about a few local agents in Kingsteignton and found one who was happy to chat on the phone with us about it.

We found out that the mattress problem is a thing that tenants will never ask about, even if the agent is the one enquiring. A lot of people these days just see the idea of having a new mattress as an inconvenience to their day (with the possibility of having to wait for a delivery man to deliver a new mattress and then have someone else take the old one).

If there's one thing people shouldn't skimp on its looking after their backs and if you ever find yourself in the position to get a new mattress, DO IT! Just one good night's sleep can be the difference of avoiding a lifetime of back problems.


Mattress Types

Many people will often get confused when buying a new bed or mattress simply because they have no clue what they’re looking for in a mattress. The Sleep Advisor is here to make that decision easy by listing the different kinds of mattress you can have in your bedroom.

Pocket Sprung Mattress
It’s a classic and still the most popular kind of mattress made. This is where springs are sewn in to the fabric in a certain placing and held there so that weight will make them compress accordingly to pressure.

Continuous Coil Mattress
Not too dissimilar, this type is where one long piece of wire is curled to create many springs in the one area. They work in sync to tackle pressure. Great for a single bed, but maybe not so much for a larger one. If a couple, for example, are in a continuous coil bed, they might end up feeling forced in to each other and be easily disturbed when one person moves during their sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

A layer of foam either sits on top of a pocket sprung mattress or is made entirely of foam. When someone lies down, the foam sandwiches itself and slowly raises up again when a person moves. They’re marketed as being more relaxing because a person can really sink in to one. And because they absorb temperature in a different way, a person who usually gets very warm in bed might see themselves gaining a slightly better of comfort.