About our Partners

We’ve been helping people in the Suffolk area find the right bed for years, but what about when you need other parts of the home sorted out. Here are some helpful links of local businesses that we highly recommend:

  • Bulstrodes
    If you’re ever in need of getting a new carpet at home, you can do no better than these gents. They also sell some nice rugs.
  • Abbotts Countrywide estate agent in Framlingham
    -We often these this company out by fitting their homes with new mattresses whe needed.
  • Dream Maker Bathrooms
    -Whether you’re going to be completely redoing the bathroom, or just want to spruce up a few things, these guys are the best in the area.
  • Henry Gordon Jones
    Building designer kitchens for years, they’ll be able to show you a thing or two about the fixtures and fittings you need in the kitchen.